International Air Transportation


From Wuhan Tianhe Int’ Airport to the Conference Center


On Oct.27-28, there will be volunteers and shuttle bus to pick up the IGSWorkshop2018 attendees at every integer hour from 9am to 10pm at both Wuhan Railway Station (West Exit) and Wuhan Tianhe Airport (WUH, Exit C). If you miss the shuttles and couldn’t get contact with the volunteers, you can choose the following ways to get to the East Lake International Conference Center. (East Lake Hotel)

If you choose to take the taxi, you can show the following address to the taxi driver:






 It will take you about 1 hour, 100 yuan to the East lake International Conference Center.


If you want to take the metro, please take Line 2 (2号线), from Tianhe Int’ Airport Station (Entrance A) (天河机场A口进站) and then Transfer to Line 8 at the station of Hongtu Boulevard (宏图大道站内转乘), and make the exit at the station of LiYuan(Exit B) (梨园站B口出). It will take you another 15 minutes to ride to the East lake International Conference Center. (About 2.6 kilometers)



If you still can’t arrive at Donghu Hotel, you can call on this number  (027-68882788) for further assistance.

 National Railway Transportation

If you arrive Wuhan at one of the three railway stations of Wuhan, and choose to take a taxi to the East Lake Conference center, it will cost you about 25-45 yuan.  

About Departure

On November 2-3, shuttle bus will be arranged according to the needs from East Lake International conference center to Wuhan Tianhe Int’ Airport. If you need the service, please send your departure information to to facilitate us to arrange the bus in advance.